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Crafted from New Zealand Pounamu, each Toki represents strength and leadership. Available in a range of Pounamu colours, it features an adjustable, hand-woven cord. Each pendant comes in an eco-friendly box with cards explaining its meaning and care.

6cm x 2cm x 0.7cm (thick)

Durability: While pounamu (greenstone) is celebrated for its robustness, its dense nature makes it vulnerable to shock. Handle with care to maintain its integrity.

Protection: Avoid placing or wearing your pounamu on hard surfaces where it might get chipped.

Wear Often: Wear your pounamu frequently to enhance its shine with your natural skin oils. The cord is durable but will naturally wear over time.

Cleaning: Simply use a soft, damp cloth and mild soap for your pounamu. Beeswax or coconut oil can also be applied to moisturise the stone. Avoid harsh chemicals, as they may harm its surface.

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Complement your chosen pounamu with a Kete Basket, crafted from authentic Māori harakeke weaving.

Flax Kete - $24.90

Toki (Adze)

The Toki, carved from New Zealand greenstone, holds a place of honor, symbolizing resilience, strength, and is revered for its unbreakable nature. It stands for focus, control, power, wisdom, determination, and courage during times of adversity. Traditionally wielded by rangatira (chiefs) in ceremonies, the Toki carries with it the mana (prestige) and wairua (spirit) of its holders as it is passed down the generations.

A Symbol of Strength & Courage

Maori traditionally used the Toki (Adze) as a shaping tool for carving as well as for weaponry.

With its practical origin as a tool, the toki had to be strong enough not to break. It represents both honour and strength, while also bringing focus, control, power, and wisdom to the wearer.

Further to this, the Toki symbolises strength, determination, and courage during times of adversity. Toki are traditionally passed down through the generations and with this carrying the mana (life force) and wairua (spirit) of those who have previously adorned it.

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Celebrate Treasured Moments with Pounamu

Over 35 Years of Greenstone Carving in Arrowtown

Our whānau workshop, led by my father, a master carver from Ngāti Kahungunu, carves and shapes traditional Māori designs that celebrate meaning and connection with friends, whānau, or loved ones.

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We respect your choice and do not bless our finished pounamu pieces. However, we encourage those who purchase to consider blessing it before gifting. Please see the answer below regarding "How can I bless pounamu."

Blessing pounamu is a personal choice often associated with gifting to someone close. Seek guidance from a Kaumatua or local Marae for traditional practices. Alternatively, you can honor tradition by cleansing the pounamu in a river or stream with a karakia (prayer), or by blessing it with the recipient to share your intentions. These methods allow for meaningful engagement with pounamu according to personal beliefs and connections.

Yes, you can buy pounamu for yourself without cultural taboo. In Māori history, pounamu was both a cherished gift and a traded commodity among tribes, symbolizing honor, respect, and enduring value. Whether purchased or received, owning a pounamu taonga carries deep spiritual significance, enhancing personal mana (spiritual life force) and connecting past traditions with the present. Whether for yourself or as a gift to friends or loved ones, the choice that feels meaningful to you is important.

Each river-tumbled pounamu bracelet is uniquely shaped and colored, showcasing its natural beauty. During checkout, you can leave a note for our whānau specifying your preferences for the bracelet's shape or color, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Each Māori design carries unique cultural significance:

  • Koru: New beginnings, growth, harmony
  • Toki: Strength, resilience, wisdom
  • Pounamu Bracelet: Connection, protection, unity
  • Hei Matau: Prosperity, strength, safe journeys
  • Pikorua: Aroha (love), enduring bonds, life's cycles
  • Roimata: Healing, empathy, connection
  • Porowhita: Life cycle, harmony, interconnectedness
  • Whale’s Tail & Niho: Guardianship, intelligence, aroha
  • Manaia & Breastplate: Protection, balance, resilience

Each item purchased comes with its own individual meaning card. Learn more about their stories and meanings here.

Each pounamu pendant or bracelet is carefully packaged with its meaning and care cards to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Your purchase includes:

  • An individual meaning card explaining the cultural significance of the chosen design
  • A care card with instructions on maintaining your pounamu
  • A protective linen eco pouch for bracelets or a certified eco box for pendants
  • Secure packaging in a recyclable shipping box made from recycled materials

Upgrades and Additional Options:

You can add these upgrades on the product page:

  • Gift Wrapping: Optional gift wrapping with a personal handwritten tag.
  • Kete Packaging: Display your pounamu in a traditional kete (flax basket).

Yes, we offer a re-binding service for your treasured pendant or bracelet using expertly hand-woven binding. Renew your valued piece by purchasing our re-binding services here and sending it to our Arrowtown workshop.

If you have a special request for your engraving that isn't covered in the standard options, such as additional characters or a unique symbol, please contact us via email at

We will do our best to accommodate your personalised pounamu request

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