Frequently Asked Questions

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This is is an individual choice that we do not want to make on our customers behalf. It is important that if the individual wants the Pounamu blessed it is through a connection they personally have either with a Kaumatua or through the local Marae. If your not sure on who to ask, head to the local Marae for advice on how to go about getting your Pounamu blessed. We do acknowledge Ranginui and Papatuanuku - the sky father and the earth mother, before a stone is cut.

Hold the tab and place the whistle in your mouth. The curved open edge will be facing out. The curved solid edge will be inside your mouth, against your tongue. Hold the whistle in your mouth so there is a gap underneath the whistle. (If you place your tongue against the lower hole, you will lose any sound). Blow. No need to blow hard, just blow across the top of the whistle, like you are blowing across the top of a bottle. Once you have mastered that, you can also move your tongue up and down underneath the whistle, to create more sounds.

We love hearing all the amazing stories and heritage that comes with Pounamu. We would love to be able to do custom work but we are currently too busy with only two carvers. If it is a large piece we will consider it in our carving schedule.

We also love hearing how people want either buy some form of raw greenstone and turn it into a finished product. We unfortunately are just focusing on creating our own finished work and don’t sell unfinished stone.